Sign George's Petition

If you're a resident of District 1, your support for George Arredondo's campaign is invaluable. Signing his nomination petition is a straightforward process. Simply access the Arizona Secretary of State’s Website and follow the easy steps to add your signature. Your participation is a vital step in shaping our community's future.

How to Sign George Arredondo's Nomination Petition

Signing George Arredondo’s nomination petition is an important step in supporting his campaign for the Pinal County Board of Supervisors. Here’s how you can do it:

    1. Access the Arizona Secretary of State’s Website: Start by visiting AZ Secretary of State’s Website to begin the process. (Select the button below)

    2. Verify Voter Registration: Ensure your voter registration status is current and active. This step is crucial for your signature to be valid.

    3. Sign the Petition: Once verified, click on “Yes, I want to sign this petition” to add your support.

      Remember, registered Democrats, Independents, or those with Party Not Declared are eligible to sign.

Your signature contributes significantly to advancing George’s vision for District 1.

“We need to restore trust in our democracy and our County deserves good governance. This is why I’m running for County Supervisor.”